Technology Par Excellence

IRI utilities latest technology and the finest of world machinery & equipment to fulfill customer’s aspirations. Steel wire made out of selected source of steel is shared into the shape of rollers for various shapes & sizes. This steel is normally confirming to SAE 521000 / 100 Cr6 specification which is popularly known as bearing steel. These rollers are than hammered, tumbled and heat in rotary retort.

These furnaces are controlled by temperature controller of One Degree Celsius accuracy which is verified every day by quality assurance department. Rollers in rotary furnace are heated indirectly in the presence of a preventive atmosphere of controlled for zero decarburization. Then the rollers are quenched in a tank of mechanically agitated oil bath whose temperature maintained by controllers and heat exchanger for proper micro structure and to achieve hardness of 62+2 HRC.

Thereafter it is cleaned by shot blasting and grinded by Numerically controlled machines for high performance Grinding capable of automatic size control which can control in increment of .001 micron and then finished to a highly polished state.

The Rollers are checked on measuring instrument during the process and records are maintained.

Infrastructure & Manufacturing facilities

We would like to share with you our unique achievement of quality within a span of 28 years and today we can proudly rate ourselves high in the field of Needle Rollers in INDIA. Our Plant is installed in a modern industrial Complex of west Delhi. Our plant fully equipped with latest and modern Needle Cutting, Numerically Control Grinding machines, Lapping, Scrolling machines, Hardening and Tempering furnace. We have in house facilities of the following parameters.

  • Roundness Tester
  • Testing Parameters Roundness, Parallelism, Squareness Cylindricity, Flatness Coaxiality,concentricity.
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Micro Superficial Hardness Tester

To control, supervise and guide all the operation we have qualified and experienced Engineers and above all our skilled labour is quality and well adapted for the tasks assigned to them.


We have been supplying our products market segments regularly. The user- industry includes, among other, manufactures of Universal Joints, Bendix Drives, Needle Roller Bearings, Industrial Bearing, Textile Bearing and Electronic pins. We supply our products to the major Bearing manufacturers , OEM suppliers and many reputed dealers / traders in India.